Cuba – Travel Guide

  • To get into the tropical climate of Cuba at its fiftieth. Among the American cars, the smoky bars of Havana, the impact is guaranteed.
  • For its incredible ocean. Cuba offers around 6,000 kilometers of mind blowing Caribbean coast, with sea shores and bluffs for all preferences.
  • For the individuals’ neighborliness, not constantly intrigued as it is needed to cause you to accept. The Cubans are individuals loaded with joy and anxious to leave, individuals who love to locate the outsider, just to trade thoughts.
  • To smoke the best tobaccos on the planet, made by hand with the leaves of Vuelta Abajo. You can likewise take care of the creation of the tobacco in an industrial facility or perhaps within a major inn, where there are displayed in parties, confirm arrangements for the tobacco’s specialists.
  • To go all through the town of Hemingway, a North American essayist that lived in the island from the 1939 to the 1961 and where he kept in touch with a portion of his sentiments.

Land Information

Situated in the Caribbean Ocean, Cuba, with a longitude of about 1.200 kms and a surface of 110.860 Km., is the greatest island in the greatest Antilla. It is at around 200 Km. from the island of Keys and it is near The Mexican promontory of Yucatan in and the island of Hispaniola. More than the principle island, The Cuban Republic accumulates all the isles and islands that encompass it. Incredible piece of the Cuban coast is low and sandy, with various sounds and zones of tidal ponds and paludose. Its inside is of fields, hindered by the Sierra de los Organos toward the west, the Sierra del Escambray to the middle and the Sierra Maestra toward the east. Its populace is of around 11 million occupants.

Time Zone: – 6.0 (summer); – 6.0 (winter)

Term of the days 13.5 hours (June); least 11.0 hours (December)


Period better: February, Walk

Great period: January, April, December

More regrettable Period: September, October


The dry station which is normally the best time frame to go, starts toward the finish of October and completes in April. The downpours station is from April to October, yet in these months precipitations, in spite of the fact that are copious consistently happens in the half-day and for a brief period.

What to take

Without questions the swimming outfit. And afterward summer garments, shirts and cotton pullouvers, short and long jeans. What’s more, remember moreover, the shoes for strolling in the evenings, to take additionally a couple of shoes.

CULTURE/Exhibition halls

City Exhibition hall

Address: Court de Armas, Havana

Timetable: 9.30-18.30

Passage is paid

One of the principle exhibition halls of histoty and culture of the isle. It offers a rich article ofartistic declarations bengining from the pioneer time frame up to firts long stretches of the republic.

Insurgency Exhibition hall

Address: Palacio Presidencial, Calle Refugio, Havana

Timetable: 10-17; Saturday up to 18

Passage is paid

All that is needed to think about the fantasy of the Cuban transformation is uncovered right now, the ex-presidential structure that housed as last inhabitant, the despot Batista up to 1959,documents, enrollments and motion pictures on the progressive epic sonnet.

National Exhibition hall

Address: Calle Trocadero, Havana

Timetable: 10-17; shut Tuesday and Wednesday

Passageway is paid

The show is partitioned in a few areas. The pinacoteca, with materials from Spanish, British chaps, Danish educators, among them stand apart Velásquez, Murillo, Goya and Turner; the Egyptian old workmanship assortment, grecian and Roman, considered the most significant in Latin America, the display committed to the Cuban composition from the XVII century to our days, the artistic assortment, and a space for the contemporary presentations.

Hemingway Historical center

Address: San Francisco de Paula, San Miguel del Padrón, 12 km from Havana

Calendar: 9-16; Sundays 9-12.30

Passageway is paid

Committed to the devotees of North American essayist who lived right now 1939 to 1961. It was here where Hemingway expressed “Whom sound the chimes for” and the “Elderly person and the ocean”.

Music National Historical center

Address: Calle Cárcel, Havana

Calendar: 9-17; Sundays 8-12; Shut on Mondays

Passageway is paid

There are uncovered various Afro-Cuban instruments, other than the Fernando Ortiz anthropologist’s private assortment. Circles, scores and instruments are sold, additionally a few shows are introduced in the historical center cantina.


The customary cooking in Cuba is excellente and it would be just plain wrong to get lost searching for other inetrnational plates, proposed in other nearby. The Cuban culinary workmanship is conceived from the experience of the precolumbian food with the African, French, Spanish, English, and the Hindu and indonesa.

The aftereffect of this is a wonder of the parity. There are organic products all the time so as (mango, papaya, avocado,) basically to go with salted plates and to frame some portion of the base of mixed drinks and drinks.It is utilized a great deal the pig meat, heaps of chicken, fundamentally in within the nation, while in the beach front cafés are expect lovely ocean plates: fish, shellfish cooked in a few different ways. The national plate is the “ajiaco” a soup with the assistance of potato, banana, corn, calf meat, Chicken, and dry meat.

Another normal nourishment is the “congri”, made with dark beans and rice cooked all together , joined by “pig pork cracklings”. The “fufú” is then again a banana puree prepared with “magic”, a singed softly of oil garlic and cumin. Try not to free the chance to taste the “Creole lobster” that is nothing else except for a singed lobster with tomato, onions, peppers, zesty pepper and harsh squeezed orange. Among the confections the “boniatillo”, made of sweet potato and sugar and the “coquito acaramelado” additionally “la mala rabia” likewise made of sweet potato sugra stick sirope, cinnamon and sweet orange shell.

The diffused beverage is the espresso, served to the American way, in other words not few, and the rum is unadulterated that fill in as base to any readied drink or the various mixed drinks so as Cuba Libre, the Rum punk or Piña Colada. Cuba additionally delivers a fantastic lager. The diffused national imprints are the Mayabe and The Lagarto.


Who doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the Cuban rum and tobacco, referred to for everybody as best on the planet? In the island there are loads of chances to get back with some great music, progressive trinket and why not a vehicle of the fifty years.


The tobaccos or cigarettes are of various sizes, they are sold free or in exquisite wooden boxes. Just to see them makes yoy get them in spite of the fact that you are not a smoker, possibly for a lovely blessing. The costs are practically 50% of the costs in Italy. For instance a container with three Montecristo Sigars N.4 costs at around 10 American dollars. They can be purchased in the stores. At Havana in the Place of 5a and 16 (5a Ave y 16). In Santiago in Casa del Tabaco (St. Jesus Menéndez 730). Focus on the preservation of the tobacco. A sufficient mugginess is required for them.


Cuban art reflex the impact of various societies, for the most part the African. Numerous items are connected with the santería, the Afro-Cuban religion diffused per excellency in the island. There can be dolls of pieces and earthenware, covers made of paper maché and wooden figures. Manikins of tamarind seeds are additionally made. Pretty caps palm quills filaments or of sewed coconut. Bins and sacks are likewise made. In old Havana there is the Art Royal residence (Calle Cuba 64). In Santiago in the Art House (Basilica Square).


The rum is purchased mandatorily and the most acclaimed mark is The Havana Club in a few forms: Alcohol, the most monetary; Carta Blanca 3 years and especially utilized for the mixed drinks. Carta Oro, 5 years, and the most refined developed during 7 years. The exact goes from 4 to 7 American dollars each jug. For explorers the most significant rum in Cuba is the held Matusalem, item from Santiago de Cuba developed during 25 years, it very well may be around the 15 dollars the container in Casa del Ron de Obispo y Bernaza in Old Havana.

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